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THOMAS WOLF, President and Founder of Primestar Home Inspections since 1999, offers The North Shore and Chicagoland certified professional home inspections. 

A HOME INSPECTION is an in-depth examination, usually of a home's present condtion. Inspections are also performed on other types of buildings, as well. Providing a detailed report of the home's systems, structure, and components serves a variety of purposes. Whether it is to survey the home to provide a current status report for future renovations, provide the seller with information for improvements before placing the home on the market, or the buyer with needed  safety and other information before purchase, Thomas Wolf tailors his services to your personal needs.        

The home inspection gives you protection, security and peace of mind of your property. Buying or selling a home can be a milestone experience, Having a certified inspection report will guarantee a smoother and easier transaction for all parties involved. 

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