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These dangerous balasters are spaced beyond the 4- inch maximal requirement. A small child's head can get trapped between the rails leading to injury.
The condensate line from this hot water heater is leaking moisture into the underlying holding pan.  This can shorten the longevity of the hot water heater.

This clother dryer's gas line and valve connection is laying on the floor waiting for someone to trip and get injured. The line can also puncture, resulting in a fire.
​This  "Fedral Pacific" electrical panel's breakers do not shut off with an overcurrent. Arching can happen leading to fire.
This air conditioner receives regular  maintenance to keep it clean and efficient. The condensor screen around the unit can get dirty, resulting in poor cooling of the home, use of more energy and risk of overheating. We recommend servicing by an HVAC- technician.
 This chipped fire brick requires repair. Moisture and pests can enter resultling in structural damage. Brick and mortar joint deterioration is caused by moisture related from coping above.Roofing should extend up and under the coping or terminated with a proper retaining bar at the coping. Recommend a reputable masonary contractor.